Friday, 23 March 2018

Once More to the Capital

Linda and I returned to London on Friday the 16th to deliver the painting entitled Listen to Me. It was a lovely mild day and the South Bank was teeming with people, could it be that spring was in the air? We delivered the painting to The Bankside Gallery; the buyer was going to collect it the next day. Linda and I planned to take in a few exhibitions over the weekend and also check out some galleries. Early Saturday morning we headed across the Millennium Bridge to see Picasso 1932 at Tate Modern. Half way across the bridge we were greeted by the whip-lashing tail of the Beast from the East. How could this be after yesterday's lovely weather. 1932 though was well worth the frozen ears! Subtitled, Love, Fame, Tragedy, it proved to be a busy year for Picasso, who was an artist who actually made a decent living from his work while still alive. Much of his inspiration at this time comes from his secret lover (model) Marie-Therese Walter. In the end though the secret is out and Picasso's first wife and son leave and as the Second World War looms, the world as Picasso knew it in 1932 is lost forever. Thoroughly thawed out at this point we braced ourselves for a trip to the British Museum, but more of that in the next post.

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