Thursday, 19 April 2018

Charmed Lives in Greece at the British Museum

The idea of Greece at this moment in time, cast little rays of hope as we made our way through the British Museum security. On an area of fenced grass I saw this seagull doing a little dance. Linda and I had witnessed this before in Bridlington Yorkshire. Apparently worms think it's raining and come to the surface where the dancing bird eagerly awaits. Very clever!! Charmed Lives in Greece follows the lives of artist John Craxton, writer and polyglot Patrick Leigh Fermor and artist Niko Ghika whilst living on various Greek islands. I was blown away by Craxtons paintings and immediately warmed to the islands and the inspiration they provided these creative people. I wanted to go there immediately!! I'd never heard of Craxton until now and was transported by his work. On the train back to Shrewsbury I thought how lucky we are to have such an inspiring capitol. I will now see colour and lines in a different light. Thank you London and John Craxton!!

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